Q 1:

What is Momcology?


Momcology is 501c3 nonprofit organization that facilitates peer support for parents and primary care-givers of children who have been diagnosed with pediatric cancer. You must have legal and medical authority for a child clinically diagnosed with cancer to participate in Momcology online support and Momcology programs/events.

Q 2:

What makes Momcology different from other cancer support groups?


Momcology has several arms of support to meet every emotional need from diagnosis, through treatment and life post cancer.  Momcology relies on the experience of other parents who have been through similar cancer journeys for guidance and support.  Momcology is a live, active and streaming support system that offers encouragement and help for parents no matter where they are, or what specific treatment their child is going through. Whether your need is diagnosis specific, regional help is required, or you have a question that spans our whole Momcology community, there is a group for you where you will find compassionate and useful support.

Q 3:

How do I know that my posts are safe and confidential in Momcology?


Momcology takes the privacy and security of our members very seriously.  Each new member MUST fill out a membership application to join Momcology.  All Momcology groups are administratively led by cancer mothers and primary caregivers who have a personal calling to help connect and support our members.  Our admins are present in each of our communities to make sure the groups remain real and relevant in an encouraging, trusting and supportive environment.  Copying and reposting of private information or thoughts with the intent to hurt, any form of bullying or harassment, and the use of extreme profanity is strictly prohibited in Momcology.  Momcology firmly advocates that anything learned within Momocology be part of an ongoing and open communication plan with their child's care teams. Any members who are found in intentional and continuous violation of our Code of Conduct will be removed from our groups.

Q 4:

Momcology is a Non-Profit. Do you accept donations?


Yes. Momcology accepts corporate and personal donations towards our programs. Momcology has a firm belief that we should not rely on our members to support our cause. We should be supporting them.

Q 5:

Where do the donations go?


Donations to Momcology support our program service offerings including retreats, in person support groups and national cancer parent gifting campaigns.  Momcology is a grassroots parent volunteer lead organization.  

Q 6:

Who can join Momcology? Is it only for Moms?


Momcology secure Facebook support groups and events are for primary caregivers of children with cancer.  If you are one of the primary sources of contact for your child’s oncology team with both legal and medical authority, you are invited to join  Momcology support groups and events.

Q 7:

I am an extended family member of a child undergoing or who has undergone cancer treatment, can I join?


Momcology is for rrimary caregivers only.  We encourage you to join our Facebook page  to learn more about Momcology and connect to our Members and our Initiatives through our public page and email distribution list.  

Q 8:

How can I refer someone I know to Momcology?


Referring a primary caregiver/parent of a pediatric cancer patient is easy.  Send them a link to our membership application/join a group form and we will handle the rest!

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