Gifting Campaigns

Momcology holds several gifting campaigns throughout the year for families impacted by childhood cancer.  Gifting can occur through peer nomination, social media application, partnerships with other organizations or Momcology national gifting campaigns.  

Annual Mother's Day Gifting

Each year on Mother's Day, we mail hundreds of packages to pediatric cancer families in support of the holiday.  It gives us great pleasure to create happiness during a holiday that is all about the bond of love between mother and child.  In 2016, Momcology mailed out 700 custom gifts to families across the US and Canada.  



Social Media Gifting

Throughout the year, Momcology provides its members the gifting opportunity to #loveanothermother through peer nomination. We ask our community to nominate someone they know who could use a pick me up during a particularly hard week or month with their child.  Momcology randomly selects nominations and we ship out a gift free of charge between members.  Momcology has sent hundreds of packages out through peer nominated social media gifting as part of our non-profit service offerings.  


Advanced Reader Copies of Counting Thyme

Momcology partnered with author, Melanie Conklin, and Penguin Random House publishing to offer 50 advanced reader copies of Counting Thyme to Momcology members in early 2016.  Counting Thyme is a fictional novel about a family impacted by childhood cancer based on Conklin's real life close relationships with several pediatric cancer families herself.  Having free access to this book months before official release gives cancer families a chance to interact with this book that supports research through Cookies for Kids' Cancer.  Learn more about Counting Thyme and get your copy here:


Spreading the love with Love Your Melon

This past holiday season, Momcology partnered with Love Your Melon to send 25 packages of 40 hats each to Momcology members to disburse at their local hospitals to hospitalized families.  Through the Momcology network, we placed 1,000 hats into the hands and hearts of cancer families for the holidays while simultaneously starting the valuable chain of peer support.  Thank you to all the families and hospitals who helped us with this mission.  


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