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Welcome to Momcology, the peer support network for your patients’ families. We’re glad you found us.

Momcology was founded to create a supportive community for the primary caregivers of children with cancer. When parents feel supported, long term outcomes will be better for your patients. Before social networking, parents were only able to gather through regional hospital support groups and connections within extended family and friends. Families often felt alone and isolated.

In today’s transparent world, where connections are only a click away, parents are flocking to social networking to find support. Since our inception in 2011, Momcology has built a free, safe and responsible community to support parents of children with cancer.  We have grown as a result of both parent and hospital/clinical referrals.  Many parents are now finding us within days of diagnosis, and Momcology has been a part of their important support system from week one.  Many physicians are also referring Momcology at diagnosis as the viable and trusted source for cancer families to find peer support. 

In our communites and events, we encourage one another; share our ups and downs, voice our frustrations and disappointments, and support in the victories our children experience. Momcology is a place where our members will never hear the words, “I can’t imagine” because every parentcan relate to each others’ struggles.

When parents feel supported, they are better able to care for their children. When we learn from each other’s experiences, we are better able to problem solve and care for our own children.  It is easy to feel lost and over-whelmed when battling cancer. When we share our knowledge and experiences, we feel empowered, and better able to make decisions with you, that impact our child’s health and well-being. 

Momcology has great admiration and respect for the medical teams that care for our children. Momcology is not intended to be a substitute for medical professionals. We will never endorse medical treatments, supplements, diets, ideas or plans that haven’t first been approved through each child’s specific medical team. Momcology fully understands that each child and their life saving treatment options are unique to that child. Rest assured that we encourage our members to trust their medical teams and to ask the questions that they feel are important to their child’s health and healing. 

If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with us, you are always welcomed and encouraged to contact us at  

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