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Houston, TX- January 2017

"I was in desperate need of connecting with other moms who knew what it was like to feel lost and alone. I needed to vent and cry about what no one outside of the cancer world could understand. I needed a break from reality to surround myself with others who allowed me to be vulnerable."

-Lorena Rodriguez

St. Augustine, FL- November 2016

"The Momcology Retreat was a much needed and appreciated time away from my family and life's difficulties. This retreat gave me the opportunity to focus on my health, my value and renewing my spirit. The past two years of helping my son battle cancer took more of a physical and emotional toll on me than I realized. Being able to step away from life and be pampered, loved on and connecting with other moms that have or are traveling a similar path was tremendous. Momcology really focused on the various aspects of our lives that needed restoration. The mind, the body and the emotional. Every detail was evident of all of the planning and love that went into this retreat. The location of the beautiful home, the wonderful activities, delicious food, and thoughtful gifts made this truly feel like a retreat from my world, and for that, I'm forever thankful. Thank you for allowing us moms to remember the value of caring for and taking time for ourselves. This valuable reminder was needed and greatly appreciated. AMAZING!!!"

-Shenera Smith

North Carolina- October 2016

"Spending time with other women who have experienced the same thing I was going through gave me hope that I would be okay. Talking through the experience with other moms helped me identify my emotions and address them. I received more therapeutic benefit from this one weekend than I have in the past 3 months of therapy. Thank you Momcology for getting me back on track!"

-Deidre Butts

Minnesota Bereaved Retreat- September 2016

"Attending the Momcology retreat for bereaved mothers was beneficial in my healing. I enjoyed connecting with other moms who share in grief and loss. It was helpful to talk with mothers who are all at different years since the loss of their child. Everything from the conversations, to the activities, to restorative yoga and meditation was well prepared. The retreat leaders and  volunteers were truly amazing. The entire weekend was filled with loving support and good food- one that was full of heart and soul and will be remembered. Thanks Momcology for exceeding my expectations and providing this retreat opportunity."

-Carin Minelli

NYC Retreat-August 2016

"The Momcology Retreat was a golden opportunity to step outside of the marathon of caring for my son and turn my attention toward myself for the first time in a long time. The experience of being cared for and reminded to care for myself was very much needed and so important. I was also able to finally find community and understanding within a group of other mothers who have been going through the same experience with their children. I am really grateful that I was invited and could take part in this experience. It was wonderful to feel my family's support in making sure this happened, too. Thank you!"

-Bea Levy

Portland, OR Bereaved Retreat- July 2016

"I struggle to put into words how important and meaningful this first ever Momcology bereaved retreat was for me. In a season where most of us feel utterly lost and alone, to be given the opportunity to be lavishly cared for is surreal. But amazingly that is not even the best part! The opportunity to look into the eyes of other women who totally understand the agonizing turn your life path took, and the depth of your grief without having to explain is priceless. The Momcology tag line is "connect . support . inspire" and this retreat hit that ball all the way out of the park. Thank you to all who made this possible from the tippy bottom of my heart. I pray that these bereaved retreats will continue as this is a huge vacancy in the continuing care for those of us who have been thrust into the ugly world of pediatric cancer." 

-Laurie Bunnell

Philadelphia, PA Retreat- June 2016

"This past weekend I had the honor of sharing time and space with 15 beautifully wounded and stunningly courageous women. We were are all so different on the surface - carrying life’s cuts and bruises each a bit differently. Our roots differing so much that the likelihood of our meeting on another occasion would be rarer than the thread of darkness that wound its way through our lives and ultimately brought us to one another. This retreat was more than a little (though admittedly much needed) escape, it was the opportunity to connect with other women and with ourselves. To take time to remember who we were before our worlds exploded and figure out where the women we once knew fit into the lives we are now living. Momcology Retreats provide an open, trusting, gentle and encouraging environment that allowed me to form lifelong relationships as well as to find a deeper, centered and more forgiving relationship with myself – these are gifts far greater than I could have ever imagined. My deepest gratitude to Momcology for bringing me 14 new sisters to travel this bumpy road of life with, and for bringing me back to myself."

-Cat Paciente

Southern California Retreat- May 2016

"I've told our story hundreds of times but this was by far the most raw, transparent, healing experience for me! Meeting other amazing women allowed me to remember where I WAS, where I want to BE, and where I am TODAY. Not only did I learn so much but I also met another mom with a child that had the same rare leukemia diagnosis! This weekend instilled so much HOPE, FORGIVENESS, and permission for SELF CARE during this challenging phase in life in which this retreat happened to fall on the anniversary of my daughter's diagnosis. Every cancer mom deserves this experience!"

-Merianne Sy

NYC Retreat- October 2015

"The Momcology Retreat came at a perfect time for me.  Ever since our daughter's diagnosis, it feels like there hasn't been a second to slow down and feel the feelings that come with being a cancer parent.  Having the opportunity to connect with other mothers who instinctively understand my deepest fears was so freeing!  I laughed and cried; relaxed and danced...and came home feeling stronger and more connected than I have in a long time."

-Miriam Matz

Seattle, WA Retreat-April 2015

"“I really thought I was doing ok and getting through. Coming to a Momcology Retreat helped me really let go and share even the deepest darkest fears, so I could heal. My soul has found joy again.” 


Oklahoma City, OK- May 2015

"“I spend so much time taking care of others, that I neglect taking care of me. It gets hard to give when you feel empty. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to heal, and be able to take a break so that I can continue to support the people I love."

-Amy White 




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