Momcology has been an incorporated and an IRS approved 501c(3) non-profit organization since 2012.  Our EIN # is 46-3904440 

Momcology is a grassroots volunteer lead organization.  Momcology does not have any employees and we believe in keeping our expenses as low as possible to continue to give more as we grow and expand.  

We are actively seeking corporate sponsorship and partners to assist us in providing: 

  • Restorative weekend Momcology Retreats
  • Professional services for Momcology Retreats (massage, spa, nutrition, art, yoga, etc.)
  • Gold themed luxury gifts that can be used to promote childhood cancer awareness
  • Special experiences to childhood cancer families through events and opportunities
  • Helpful services to families (house cleaning, grocery delivery, special offers, discounts)
  • Corporate and/or personal grants to grow and expand our mission.

One of our core values in Momcology is to never rely on, or ask our members to monetarily support our organization. Our goal is to support our members. With the help of sponsors and partners, we can offer our support and events to families free of charge. 

In the world of pediatric oncology, it is often the mothers and primary caregivers who find themselves deep in the trenches of creating awareness, fundraising and relentlessly fighting for a cure.  They usually do this as they are simultaneously caring for a sick child, siblings, work and a life that is constantly in transition between hospital and home.  Oncology parents are worried, exhausted and in need of understanding support. The Momcology community provides that vital support, free of charge.   

For more information on how you can help our Momcology community, please fill out the sponsorship form below.  Together, we can change this journey, and help families to heal. 


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