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Momcology online peer support groups are for parents and primary caregivers with legal and medical authority for a child that has/had cancer. Our support groups are designed for parents with children in treatment, off treatment and bereaved. All new members must fill out the membership application below to gain access to Momcology peer support groups. We believe that when we can share, and learn from each other's experiences in a compassionate and responsible way, we create a safe and extremely valuable resource in the childhood cancer community. Momcology groups are peer moderated and conducted under general group guidelines. Our guidlines can be found here: and within our membership application.

Momcology stongly advocates for open communication between a patient family and trusted medical care teams. Anything communicated from within Momcology should always be part of a ongoing conversation between you and your child's oncologist. Momcology is NOT a subsitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. 

*Momcology support groups are not intended for private or non profit business outreach to the childhood cancer parent community. Momcology groups are intended for peer emotional support and information sharing.   

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