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What Is Momcology?

There is an increasing population of parents in the world going through chemotherapy. They are in the fight of their lives. They know the exact names of the drugs, how to spell them, their dosages, interactions, side effects and long-term complications…although, these parents have never been diagnosed with cancer themselves…their children have.

These parents are caretakers, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists, inventors, world-class entertainers, teachers, philanthropists, psychologists and advocates every single second of their lives after the moment they hear the words, “your child has cancer.”

Worldwide, every 2 minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer and another family is left devastated. 

Momcology was created with the vision to connect, support, encourage and empower these parents who would gladly and thankfully embrace changing places with their child if only they could. The members of this elite and devastating club are some of the strongest, most caring, compassionate and vigilant members of society.

Thank you for helping us to acknowledge their tireless work while they simultaneously do the hardest job in their life...help their children fight for theirs.

Momcology Mission Statement:

To empower and heal pediatric cancer families through the resource of peer support.


To become both the patient and clinically referred peer support network for families facing childhood cancer.


  1. Momcology believes no family or caretaker should go through the childhood cancer experience alone and in isolation from a community. 
  2. Provide safe, responsive, compassionate and healing online environments.
  3. Encourage the importance of self-care for the entire family.
  4. Act responsibly and in the best interest of each family who is a member of Momcology.
  5. Never solicit our members to financially support the mission and goals of our organization. We exist to support them.
  6. Always encourage members to take all questions and concerns to family’s medical and trusted care team.

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